this page will help guide you through FAQ questions on boudoir sessions at the studio after dark luxury boudoir studio.

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I can read your mind, let me answer all the questions that begin popping up the moment you entertain the idea of a boudoir session. 

Yes, you actually do, you just don't know it yet. Every single client tells me that they aren't sexy, make weird faces, have no idea how to pose, and are awkward as a middle school dance. Then they are mind blown when they see their images EVERY SINGLE TIME. You actually do look like that, let me show you.

We have hair and Make Up Artist to get all that perfect for your session. You are welcome to do your own if you are skilled in that area, but either way it is taken care of, no stress. 

I am here to help! I can link you straight to specific outfits with the exact vibe we are going for, or I have a fully size inclusive client closet for you to borrow from. I have lingerie in all sizes as well as shoes in every size and style. I also have luxury robes, wings, and bondage accessories. This is the fun and easy part!

Seriously, not only am I going to teach you how to pose, I am going to actually do the pose right next to you! Also, I have tons of posing cards so you can pick the poses that set your soul on fire before we even start. I am really great at showing you every pose, like I set down my camera and get on the floor in the pose to show you exactly, complete with how to pose your face and expressions...

No you don't. Proper posing addresses, accentuates, and make those curves sexy as hell.... every damn inch of  you is welcome in my space. Ps, I also have all the same parts you have, and I already know, I promise. 

This leads me to the next question...  What exactly can I do in Photoshop? Well the short answer is that Photoshop is a magic portal I carry your images through, reappear days later, exhausted, but sparkling. Butts may appear fuller, bulges slimmed, skin smooth as a fairy's ass. In short, like you were kissed by the fucking angels. 

Really though... I can do some serious shit in Photoshop, but their are moral limitations. I do what the image to look like you, just the best damn version of you that ever existed. If you have specific things you do or do not want removed post process be sure to let me know so we can plan ahead. Some issues can be addressed while posing, others are best left for post production.

I'm glad you asked! Total cost will differ based on the Collection you select. You have a few options for payment.

If you want to take advantage of Pre Payment Bonuses, such as extra images, products upgrades, and Specialty Sets you can pay for your Collection up front or get on a Pre Session Payment Plan.

You are welcome to use Credit Card, Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Affirm, or Zelle (or a mix of these options)

There is a Session Fee of $350 due upon booking to secure you date and time.

What is included in the Session Fee? Professional hair and Make-up, wardrobe selection or borrowing, posing and facial guidance, shoot time, creative direction, studio time, expert image retouch, and 15 years of my professional knowledge.

There are Collections for purchase starting at $1500. Collections include the digital images you choose as well as print products like albums or wall art.

A boudoir session with me is not an ordinary session. You will leave here feeling a fire like you never knew, or perhaps just forgot you had it? 

I don't look like "that"

I have nothing to wear

I don't know how to pose

I need to lose weight

Do you Photoshop

Let's talk Money

Session & Collection

I can't do hair or make-up